Taxi Logistics works closely with software companies like Cordic, AutoCab, CabDespatch, InfoCabs, C-Fone and others to provide the hardware and services for taxi, private hire, courier and logistics companies, which they need to run their business.

Products and services:

  • New, refurbished and used smartphones, tablets and PDAs running on Android, iOS, or Windows. Taxi Logistics will liaise with developers to provide the most suitable devices based on the specifications Cordic, AutoCab, CabDespatch and other software providers have. Furthermore, all products are at the most competitive prices on the market, starting from £49.99 for Android Smartphones and £59.99 for Android tablets. All devices come with 12 months warranty, including refurbished and used hardware.
  • Accessories – drivers have their special needs when it comes to using a phone in the car. Taxi Logistics provides a wide range of accessories, including car cradles, car chargers, in car Wi-Fi modems, batteries and other.
  • Data, roaming, voice and text SIM cards – every taxi, private hire, courier and logistics company needs a SIM card to use with their software and devices. Taxi Logistics will provide the lowest rates, remote SIM management, backup support in case the network goes down, data limits to avoid exceeding of allowances and 24/7 support.
  • Recycling and Upgrades – Taxi Logistics will buy redundant working or non-working smartphones, tablets and PDAs as the Motorola ES400 and will help companies to upgrade. There is an option to recycle devices in return for cash, or credit for repairs and newer devices.
  • Repairs and Maintenance – all devices need care from time to time and Taxi Logistics is always there to help. Quick turnaround times – just 48 to 72 hours, original parts and qualified engineers will ensure every business has working smartphones, tablets and PDA’s all the time. The new Kazam phones come even with a free next day swap out, while they are in warranty.
  • TELCO – wholesale lines and call services, telephone systems and maintenance, SIP trunks, voice SIMs for outbound calling and gateways, golden and memorable phone numbers – all that is under one roof at Taxi Logistics. And the best part – it’s on the most affordable prices on the market.
  • Leasing – makes the acquisition of costly equipment far less of a burden on any cash-hungry business.
  • Device renting – need devices just for a couple of days or weeks. No problem. Taxi Logistics allows the rent of equipment as smartphones, tablets and PDAs.